Bonus Options for Your Sports Betting and More

The online casino can give an example of the following offer for a deposit bonus, “Now with a deposit of 50 euros 200% bonus money ”, which means that with a deposit of 50 euros the 은꼴 player receives 150 bonus money in addition to the deposit. Some casinos also offer free play money without a deposit.

It is a good idea to be careful with the wording when comparing bonuses, as this will determine whether the money deposited is included in the bonus amount or whether the bonus money is granted in addition to the deposit.

Free Spins

The deposit bonus may also include free spins, in which case the player will receive free spins for selected games against a certain amount deposited. Free spins range from 50 to 500 songs and are often delivered to the player in several parts.

100 free spins can be delivered to a player within 10 days, with 10 free spins to be played each day. You should be careful with these, as the rounds should be used daily and cannot be redeemed afterwards. It is also possible to get free spins without a deposit.

The deposit bonus allows free spins in addition to play money

You may want to put on your calendar or other reminder that you are going to play free spins on time.

Free spins are subject to wagering regulations, which should be checked before redeeming bonuses. These wagering conditions for free spins are often stricter than the wagering requirements for bonus money. Editorial Tip: Some online casinos offer completely free spins with the deposit bonus.

Cash-back bonuses

Cash-back bonuses are a bit rarer than deposit bonuses, but you see them every now and then, especially at online casinos that offer betting. The purpose of the cashback offer is for the player to get back some of the money lost if no bets are made on winnings.

For example, a deposit of € 100 can be awarded a 40% cashback as a deposit bonus , in which case if a player does not win at least a certain amount, the online casino will return the player to € 40 for re-play.

With the cashback deposit bonus, you get your money back from the loss

The terms of the cashback are always offer-specific, so it’s a good idea to check the terms on which the play money is returned to the casino account. The cashback deposit bonus may be limited to slot games only or casino games only, although it is usually offered for play in betting games.

Cash-back bonuses are the easiest to find for betting games, but you should also keep an eye out for opportunities on the casino side.