Bingo Lingo: A Starter’s Guide 

Are you a new-comer in the game of bingo? If you are, chances are you’ll be overwhelmed with all the terms being used in bingo, the inventory, the slang, the jokes and banter. The game is quick and so are its’ players – so will you have to be if you want to learn the game and keep up. In this article you will find all the pieces of bingo lingo you need to know before you start playing at Barbados Bingo

Bingo? Or Beano? 

Bingo is the most important word in the game. Players will shout “bingo!” when they complete a winning pattern. The first one to shout wins, so make sure you are on top of this.

You might have also heard the term “beano” before. That used to be the winning phrase before “bingo”. The legend has it, that in the olden days people used dried beans to mark off the numbers, therefore the game was called Beano. It wasn’t until an excited player blurted out “bingo” by accident and changed the game forever. 

The basics 

Here are some basic terms that you should know: 

  • A bingo ticket is the page on which the bingo card is printed. Can also be called a “face”.
  • 90 Ball game is the UK version of bingo.
  • 75 Ball game is the US version of bingo.
  • In 90 Ball bingo, a strip is a line of 6 tickets linked together. A strip will have all the numbers from 1 to 90 and numbers will not duplicate across individual tickets.
  • Bingo balls – back in the day the numbers used to be printed on balls which were drawn for the game. Today balls might simply refer to the numbers being drawn.
  • Blower – the machine which mixes bingo balls.
  • RNG – random number generator. This is used today as an alternative to blower.
  • Caller – the person who draws and calls out the numbers.
  • Calls can either mean the number of balls (numbers) called out; or the rhyming nicknames for the numbers in the game, i.e. 3 – cup of tea.
  • Dauber – a special pen that is used in bingo to mark off the numbers.
  • Electronic dauber – the system that automatically daubs the cards for you. Available in most online and land-based bingos.
  • Full house – the winning pattern which means the whole card is daubed off.
  • Progressive Jackpot – a jackpot that increases as players buy-in to the game.
  • Quickie – usually played in 75 Ball bingo, this is a game where the numbers are being called out as fast as possible. Normally played after/before the regular session.
  • Wrap up – the last round of bingo in the session. 


We have barely touched the surface here. There is much more to talk about when it comes to bingo lingo, that’s how big and important bingo is! While you’re learning to catch up with the veterans remember to keep the game enjoyable and play responsibly.