How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

“Jacks or Better” is a very popular video poker game where you need to have a pair of Jacks or a better hand to qualify for payout. Unlike playing slots where you place bets blindly, this video game offers far more excitement because it has an element of skill as well as luck. The following strategies will help you to make better decisions and win more frequently.

Always bet maximum coins

You need to select how many coins you want to bet and going for the maximum bet of five coins will increase your payout percentage. You receive five cards and you can decide which ones to keep and which ones to exchange. You need to make a winning hand with your combination and the better your hand is, the more you win, so knowing the ranking of poker hands is essential. 

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Practice using a strategy chart

It is important to take your time to make decisions. Using a strategy chart prepared by experts according to the rules of probability can help you remember the best selections to make for each starting hand. 

If you get a low pair which is anything less than pocket Jacks, it doesn’t qualify for payout. For the most part, you want to keep your pair and draw other cards. Keeping an additional high card can be a big mistake as it will reduce your win rate.  

Find a good bonus or reward program

Most casinos offer some kind of bonuses or rewards to players and they can offer you more opportunities to keep playing. Many older adults wanting to enjoy life after retirement will play video poker at casinos where bonuses and rewards are tailored specifically for them. 

What to do if you get a high pair

If you are lucky enough to get a high pair, you will receive a payout, so you don’t have any reason to break your hand. Even if you have four cards to a flush along with the high pair, don’t break the pair to chase the flush. The same applies if you have four cards for a straight – you have better odds of winning in the long run if you keep your pair.