Effective Ways To Spot And Avoid Fake Or Unlicensed Sportsbooks


With so many sportsbooks claiming to be the best or offer the most incredible bonuses and benefits, it can be difficult to distinguish one from another. For this reason, many bettors rely on online tipsters who can give them tips from trusted sources or even provide recommendations on the best sportsbooks in town.


But is this the safest way to go about selecting a bookmaker? Are these the only two options available for you? Would it be better to pay a little bit more but be at the mercy of whatever advice the sportsbooks can provide?


It is essential to remember that using an unlicensed sportsbook doesn’t mean individuals are risking their money on bad service or having their accounts frozen by the leagues or other regulating bodies. The truth is that there are several risks people take when they don’t use a legitimate sportsbook tipster or per service. This situation includes possible legal issues if they don’t disclose their personal information or bank or social media account information.


There is also a danger they take when using an unlicensed sportsbook provider outside the United States. Many of the countries regulating bodies have been cracking down on sportsbook operators not based in the country. The law states that sportsbook machinists must have a licensed business and have a process to ensure that their wagers are fair and legal. Unlawful sportsbook gambling has led to a lot of establishments being shut down. As a result, the customer service given to bettors from a non-licensed sportsbook provider is very slim, if they exist at all.


On top of having a poor customer service record, bettors risk getting banned by the government or the league. Like licensed sportsbooks, some follow strict guidelines about wagering limits, and many have been shut down to violate these rules. These unlicensed sports betting services can have enormous tax liabilities attached to them because of the people who try to wager illegally. The amount of tax they owe is often several hundred thousand dollars.


It is imperative to know the sportsbooks’ legal jurisdiction before placing any bet on an event.


As assistance, the notorious online sports betting Singapore company, 88Probett, created an infographic with all the valuable tips of spotting and avoiding fake sports betting sites: