Mobile Slots vs Physical Casino Slots

Before we get into this debate, we should first establish exactly what we’re comparing. Again, it’s one of those subjective issues that will divide the room. Some people love the convenience and comfort of playing casino games on their mobile phones, while others miss the buzz and vibe of a real physical casino.

There’s no right or wrong answer – it’s simply personal preference. However, the debate gets more nuanced than that. What are the benefits of both? Which one is easier to play? On which one are you more likely to win?

The benefits of mobile slots

1)      Convenient to play anywhere and anytime

2)      You can play free demos

3)      Access to a huge number of games

4)      You are free to switch online casinos as you see fit

5)      Higher pay-outs

The benefits of physical casino slots

1)      Sophisticated party atmosphere creates a buzz

2)      Face-to-face interaction with people creates sociability

3)      Physical casino perks like free drinks, meals and merchandise

4)      Can be combined with hotel stays and holidays

So, there’s one more benefit in the mobile slot games column, but you get the gist. Anyone can add or take away the pros and cons that suit them.

Let’s look in more detail at number 5 for the benefits of mobile slots though. Is that really true?

Do online casinos offer higher pay-outs?

Let’s be honest, most people play slots games to win some money. What’s more, everything points towards online casinos offering better prizes than physical casinos too. But why?

Well, simple really. It’s just much cheaper to set up an online app than it is to run a physical casino, paying rent, overheads, paying staff and buying refreshments. The net spend of physical casinos just to keep running is so much higher than online, that the prizes can’t compare.

In addition, as more and more people are signing up online and depositing their cash into online casinos’ accounts, there’s more money to offer as jackpots. Basically, the more people that get involved, the higher the prizes are.

Which are easier to beat?

It’s pretty clear to see that slots games online are getting better and better. It’s thought that with time, VR will be introduced to mobile gaming and players will be able to recreate the buzz of real casinos just by putting on a headset.

They’re more sophisticated in design and are indisputably harder to beat than their clunky offline cousins. Online slot game designers invest a lot of money into developing their games, and they’d be reluctant to do it all for a loss in revenue.

However, they’re also more generous. Online slot games have higher RTPs, which determines how much you’re likely to get back after a certain number of spins. Most online slots games have RTPs above 90%, whereas physical casinos offer games in the 70s.

What do the numbers say?

People are voting with clicks. Mobile casinos are surging ahead in popularity as all the statistics suggest.

The number of online (remote) gambling accounts held in the United Kingdom as of September 2019 was 31.57 million

What’s more, the BBC has reported that “across the industry in 2020, there had been a huge increase in customers playing online slots, poker, casino gaming and virtual sports.”

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