Play BetGames Online at YesPlay and Become a Champion

Most adult people in South Africa enjoy betting, with some doing it occasionally and others engaged in this activity full-time. There are plenty of games to bet on in this country – from classic casino card and table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette to numerous slots and lotteries to dozens of sports events. However, one universally beloved lucky numbers gambling option suited for players of all tastes, skill levels, and budget is the product created by BetGames.

BetGames are a series of quick live games that are fun and exciting to play as they combine traditional betting based on fixed odds with various popular casino and lottery-style titles. Blending real-time draws streamed live from shiny new studios with a handy online betting interface, these games create a unique hybrid gambling experience that represents the best of both domains.

Here are top-3 reasons to play BetGames online:

  1. The odds are great and very flexible. One of the best things about Betgames and something that makes them similar to lotteries is that you can play as risky or as safe as you wish – pick one lucky number and win small, or pick four and scoop a massive prize if you get all of them right.
  2. These games are popular with bookies and are found at almost every online casino. It is hard to find an online casino today that does not offer at least a couple of BetGames. Most prefer to provide the entire range of these games.
  3. All draws are quick and dynamic. All BetGames are fast-paced, so you will never find yourself bored and trying to find something to do to kill time while waiting for a new game to start.

How to play Betgames at YesPlay?

If you would like to test your luck playing BetGames online, come straight to YesPlay and pick the option that feels right for you. Here is how to get started:

  • Sign up with YesPlay and verify your betting account.
  • Supply your balance with enough funds to cover at least one BetGames bet.
  • Go to the BetGames page on the YesPlay website and pick the game you wish to play.
  • Read the rules carefully to be sure you know what to expect when you place a real bet.
  • Place your lucky bet, and win!

If you miss the live drawing, check the statistics for your chosen game in the Results section. Updated in real time, it always shows the latest results for each of the twelve games available at YesPlay.