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Sports tipster, this is one of those digital jobs that are very popular at the moment. In recent years, sports betting advice pages have multiplied at high speed on the net. Many people go into this field with the hope of making a lot of money. The competition is tough but some are successful, so why not you ?

You have to stand out from the crowd. Having a website increases your visibility and credibility. Well coupled with social networks (snapchat, instagram), your site can bring back new customers. Even better, it can be a platform that allows you to have recurring income automatically. The creation of a website requiring time and technical skills, I will give you here 7 tips to make your sports prediction site a goose that lays golden eggs.

Before starting

Create your visual identity

The first thing to do in order to have an effective and selling website is to create a visual identity of your own. You are an advisor, don’t forget it! Your image is very important, it gives you credibility. The design of a site provides emotions which helps trigger the purchase. So work on your graphic charter: colors, logo, your name. All of this must be part of the same universe and make you think of sports betting. Be memorable, stand out from these thousands of other pages that directly compete with you.

Of course, creating a brand image is difficult, it is the job of the graphic designer but you can take inspiration from other tipsters to create the visual elements of your sports advice site or your Instagram page. In our training, we offer visuals to use for a betting site for Poker Online.

Earn the trust of your visitors

Your site should reassure your visitors, especially if you use it to sell your subscriptions (privileged advice, access to forecasts, etc.). Bettors have to think that with you, they are going to win money. You have to be credible. To do this, communicate as much as possible about your results with figures. Use charts, tables. Highlight your statistics: winnings, return on investment, total amount wagered etc. Speak in euros as soon as possible and use images that are emotional and reassuring.

A member’s area to access advice

In addition to being a showcase, your site can include advice related to premium sports betting. You can communicate your tips to a small community that subscribes to your website.

The payment module: sell your subscriptions

Installing a payment button on your site is a great way to sell subscriptions. You have the possibility to combine this button or payment module with the premium access of your site. Thus, subscribers who have paid will be able to see the advice you post. Unfortunately, most payment agencies like Paypal and Stripe refuse to provide their services to online betting sites. 

Small correction on the sentence just above

We talk about it in this article. However, this seems temporary and there would be a possible alternative solution (I’ll let you read my article on the subject).

Note that you must also have created a business to install a payment module. They will ask you for a certain amount of information, it may take a few days. Here again, we can help you in these steps.

When presenting your subscriptions, be as clear and as concise as possible. Potential subscribers should immediately know what they will gain by subscribing to your offer. The path to the module for entering bank details must be as short as possible. Ideally, create a single page with the subscription plans that redirects to the payment page. Reassure your customers by showing that you are using a secure and encrypted system.


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