Top-Rated Casino Pokies

Basically, it’s not difficult to find slot machines, knowing a simple set of rules that must be applied in practice. You need to know where to look when choosing it. To identify the reliable, fun, and lucrative slots, you need to check everything. Although it will take time, it is impossible to break a big win without preparation. To become a lucky person, you must follow the most important rule, and play only high-rated slots,сlick here to check.

Licensed gaming 

If you want to play and win, it is very important to choose licensed games from the top producers, such as Microgaming, Netent, and others. They can be found in the lists of licensed casinos, and it is worth paying close attention to this, since only trustworthy, and top-rated casinos provide slots that payout. All players from New Zealand are allowed to play licensed offshore online casinos. Most of the trusted top-rated slots are in online casinos under the following gambling authorities: Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commision, Swedish Gaming Authority, and others.

Therefore, it is important to find the right place and the right slot machine before you start testing it and playing for real money.

The gams that do not have a license are on our ban list. They can be twisted at any time. This means that the random generator of such games can be independently regulated by the casino operators, and the slot machines suddenly start eating up the entire deposit to 0.

It is believed that honest slot machines that always give out operate in the same way as paid and free demo versions. Not everything is simple, there are a lot of combinations in each slot and it is difficult to find a payable slot at this moment. As a rule, you have to spend a long time doing this. On top of that, casino random operations should be tested by audit organizations, such as eCOGRA. It provides comprehensive tests and fair results of any casino slot game.

Signs of slots 

Everything is simple here. Playing tested slot machines very often reward with large wins by the winning lines, and the size of the bet. Bonus free spins will appear more often in such slots.

Accordingly, if you can’t notice such signs while playing a demo game, then you should change the combination of lines and bets as a whole since you most likely ended up on a poor combination.

The main parameters of pokies that give real money

Each slot has a parameter that we call the return percentage, it is called RTP. You can define this parameter either yourself or see the table of RTP slots from the game provider. The higher this parameter in the game, the higher the return percentage.

Game strategies 

  • Choosing the rates you plan to play
  • You play 20-50 spins on one bet
  • Next, change the bet size and line combination
  • You also play 20 – 50 hits and write down the average of how the slot goes
  • Do this a couple of more times and write everything down

Having determined which lines are now the most profitable and generous, you can take risks and bet real money. But, if all lines show that the indicator is approximately the same, and it is not very profitable, then you should go to another slot.

Going to another slot machine, do it all over again

The more you hit the selected bet, the higher the chance to more accurately determine the game mode of the slot at the moment. It is important to understand that you need to look not at single large wins, but at constant and small.

What to do if slot machines give money

It is very important to record these metrics by running tests free of charge. After all the research, you just need to close the slot. Select it again and click on the play for money, not play for free. After full loading, you need to select the rates that you have recorded as the most giving in demo mode and play.

We conducted a lot of such tests, more than 5000, and noticed that at least slots from the NetEnt and Microgaming play in the same way. But it is important to make as many spins as possible in the free mode, otherwise, there is a high probability of failure.

Myths about online slots

You should never blindly trust rumors or gossip about online slot machines. Everyone can say anything about slots, it doesn’t matter if their words are based on facts or on fiction. It is much more practical to be calm about everything related to gambling, with a fair amount of sanity.

Myth 1 – Unauthorized changes in payout rates

It is often written that some online casinos can change the payout rates on slots on their own. However, it’s a rare situation. The four main providers listed above do not provide gambling platform operators with the ability to change or reduce payout rates at their discretion.

Such rates are fixed and changing them will require significant financial costs and technical equipment from the consumer, which cybercriminals are unlikely to be able to provide. The process of breaking into the internal filling of gaming machines is not economically viable.

Of course, what has been said applies exclusively to licensed game libraries. Reliability is based on the reputation of manufacturing companies.

Myth 2 – Predefined bonus payments in the game

Many video slots are being developed with a bonus game or even multiple bonus games, and many slot players are wondering if the bonus game is predetermined? Usually, illegal slots have predefined bonus games.


Reputable virtual casinos prefer to fill the gaming halls with quality software from trusted providers. Before rushing into the first slot that comes up, it is worth asking which company it was produced by and how reliable is the reputation of a particular gaming platform.