Famous Casino losses 

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In the 21st century it seems as though the number of casino gamblers is only getting higher and higher, something that is massively down to the emergence of online casinos a couple of decades ago. Not only did online casinos cause a whole load of new gamblers to enter the casino gambling scene, but they also had a massive impact on some land based casinos too, as gamblers who were new to the world of casino gambling decided to try them out for themselves. 

Regardless, the main point still stands that casino gambling is something that a whole load of people enjoy these days, and the main reason for their enjoyment is because of the potential to win a whole load of money in the form of a casino jackpot prize – play at King Casino. But here’s the thing, it isn’t always a guarantee that you will actually win any money when casino gambling, in fact you can just as easily end up losing a whole load if you’re not careful.

Wayne Rooney 

Wayne Rooney is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most famous English footballers to break through over the last two decades, and he had an incredibly successful career at clubs like Everton, Manchester United, Derby and DC United. As you might imagine from such a famous footballer he has also been paid a stratospheric amount of cash over this time, so it is only natural that he enjoys a spot of casino gambling every now and then. 

In fact, Wayne Rooney has been known to frequent a range of casinos across Manchester and beyond, which isn’t really surprising when you consider his wealth. Unfortunately for him the world famous footballer has been reported to have lost over £500,000 in two hours whilst playing roulette – a rather famous casino loss indeed! 

Harry Kakavas 

Harry Kakavas was a monumentally successful property mogul in Australia who amassed a fortune that at one point hit over the billion dollar mark, however in a cautionary tail to gamblers around the world he almost lost it all because of a run of seriously bad casino losses. 

Over the years Harry Kakavas spent close to a billion dollars on gambling in various high profile casinos around the globe, however he didn’t lose of all this. He still lost well over 10 million dollars over the course of his gambling career though, something that is pretty damn hard to come back from. 

Charles Barkley 

Charles Barkley is one of the most successful NBA athletes to ever grace the world famous American basketball league, playing in the position of Power Forward he was one of only 14 other athletes to have more than one jersey retired, and is therefore one of the most successful basketball players of all time. 

With that being said, Charles Barkley is tragically more remembered because of his awful gambling addiction that ended up costing him over $14 million over the years. Its sad, and a lesson to anyone who likes gambling.