Slot machine cheats that don’t work 

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The old adage cheaters never prosper is unfortunately not always true. Some people will look for any way they can to cheat. Cheating in casinos is no different. While cheating is not that excessive today, using slot machines used to be a popular means for certain people to cheat the casino out of money. Since slots have moved online and with the increase in technology that helps casinos track and trace its customers, cheating is a lot more difficult today – check out Below you’ll find out about some of what used to be the most popular ways to cheat playing a slot machine! 

The coin on a string slot machine cheat 

Probably the most infamous method of cheating, this method entails threading a piece of string through a coin. Cheaters would use this at a machine, putting the coin in but pulling it out once the machine had recognised that a coin had been deposited, leaving the cheater free to use the coin over and over again. It’s clear to see why this was so popular, it is a simple and cheap method. When this became more popular and started to spread, casinos gradually started to notice and made sure to change the way that their machines receive coins, eventually rendering the coin on a string cheat completely useless.  


A more complex method was using actual electromagnets to manipulate the machines to get them to display the winning combinations of numbers! This method was incredibly effective but also had a lot of potential issues, cheaters would have to get an electromagnet that would be powerful enough to use on the machines first! Then they would have to be able to conceal the electromagnet from security and anybody else watching, something that would be very difficult to do. This cheating was stopped when casinos thickened the layers of the machines, making it impossible to use electromagnets on them.  

Actually climbing into a Slot! 

Believe it or not but some people used to actually climb inside a slot to spin the wheels directly! It’s not hard to see why this method was impractical, getting inside the machine would be trouble enough but spinning the wheels to win big and climbing out to collect your winnings is not the most conspicuous way to cheat the game. One poor woman was even found trapped in a slot after attempting this method! 

Fake Coins 

Slot machines were not always able to recognise what coins you were using so some cheaters took advantage of this flaw by using fake coins or forgein currency. This is probably the most discreet way of cheating on this list, it is even sometimes still used in casinos today, however this is rare.


With the rise of video slots, slots have started to utilise a RNG, making it near impossible to cheat the game anymore. Casinos have taken the appropriate action to curb the amount of cheating done over the years, making these games cheat free and enjoyable for every player.