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When you create winning combinations while playing online video poker and take home spectacular wins, you understand the true essence of one of the most exciting and popular card games.

Video poker eliminates many elements that may be difficult for beginners and those simply looking for a quick and easy game that can offer tremendous rewards. You don’t need to remember complicated betting orders like the “blind” or the “flop”, the “turn” or the “river”.

What is online video poker?

Video poker made its appearance when the era of disco music ended. To play this game, which is a simplified form of 3 or 5 card poker, special consoles were originally used. There is the distribution of the cards and then the draw and, between the two, the player discards the cards he does not want.

  • In 1979, the company that would become International Game Technology introduced draw poker, which sparked the craze of playing in Las Vegas, generating a wave of excitement that lasted throughout the next decade.
  • With the arrival of the 1990s and the era of the Internet, online video poker became the very first casino game offered on the Web.
  • Since then, the graphics effects, game modes, bonus features and winnings have improved by leaps and bounds, and evolution is definitely not over. Play the best video poker available online.

A complete series of online video poker games created by Microgaming

Thanks to Microgaming’s great production and serious commitment to creating high quality games, you can choose from a staggering range of online video poker games. Some are very simple: just bet before the hand is dealt which is then checked against the paytable. With the kiss918 apk you can find the best lot of games for you.

  • Others involve one or more deals or even more hands. Still others have bonus features, such as wilds or special wins for specific hands.
  • Before making your first bet on online video poker, make sure you are satisfied with the amount wagered. If you wish to make a higher or lower bet, adjust the settings as you wish.
  • Place your bet by clicking the “Bet” button, then click the “Deal” button to deal the cards. In most video poker, you can discard cards and draw new ones to replace them.
  • Click the cards you want to keep, and then click the “Draw” button to draw new cards. The resulting hand will be checked against the paytable to determine if you have won or not.

Useful tips for online video poker

 For a better online video poker experience, use helpful tips. You may soon learn how to play like a pro. Some tips you can follow right away while others may require more effort, but it pays off. Familiarize yourself with the different types of video poker. Each game takes on classic video poker in its own way. Try as much as you can and find the one that suits you best.