Casino – Instructions on how to play the whole Poker 

The way to play a Poker card is somewhat more difficult than Lieng, Sam Doc, Forward game card… It can be said that, in the many types of game cards, Poker and Mau Binh need skills and to learn the rules of the game most. The more detailed Poker attack from A to Z will be updated below.

Number of players

Poker is played on 52 Western cards. The match includes a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people. However, when there are four people, the Poker match will be more intense and can happen in the best way.

Each player will receive 9 cards. Whoever does it will have 10 cards priority. It is also the person who plays the first card in each game.

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How to arrange cards

How to play Poker well or not well depends on a lot of how you can play. Except for the random Poker consisting of an “sảnh” or 3 identical cards already available, it does not count. You have to arrange to make reasonable groups. The group is 2 cards that are waiting to be gained from the opponent or picked up from the dealer to create poker.

Example you have 2 cards of 2 in your cards, 6 – spade and 7 – spade are one group. You have to put them together to wait. In case you have 2 two cards of 8 which are waiting to be drawn, there are 8 – diamond and 8 – club, and you also have a 9 – club card again,  you should arrange 8 – diamond, 8 – club, 9 – club. This arrangement will make it easier for you to observe the opponent’s brush and gain.

How to play spam

For you is a trash card, but for the opponent, it can be the salvation card to help them make the poker. In the first 2 turns, big cards like K, Q, J, please don’t give it. If the opponent can block it, it will reduce a very large number of points. Poker’s wise way of playing cards is to keep them for practical observation.

Drop card, gain card. You have 2 cards of 10. But another opponent has dealt a 10 card that you can not block. You again have 1 card of 8 or 9 which are waiting for the other 10 – heart. Don’t hesitate to immediately drop a 10-diamond down. When there are 3 cards of 10 in the middle of the match, the opponent will have less defense.

Playing Poker is not as simple as you think. Gaining chickens was also punished, gaining 3 chickens in a row was severely punished. Therefore, players are very careful when speculating. You will not easily block your opponent’s chicken.


How to play Poker card also depends a lot on whether you fully understand the rules of the game and the terms Poker or not. Ideally, you should start off with entertaining games with family and friends. Or you can play cards with entertaining apps to understand the rules of the game, make strategies and increase your reflexes. After that, we will move to Poker and exchange rewards later.

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