Smart Betting Choices for Your Long term Games

Betting on your favorite team is usually not the best choice. First, fans often overestimate the quality and abilities of their favorite teams, and because of their loyalty, they think their favorite can beat everyone. When betting, however, it is really sensible to approach everything objectively rather than with emotions.

Bet on your favorite team

The pain caused by the loss of your favorite team is then multiplied by the lost bet. And even if, after careful thinking, you bet on the team that is playing against your favorite, you will be in a rather unfavorable situation you will either support your team, but it will mean that you will lose a bet, or vice versa. Therefore, it is most sensible to bet only on matches in which your favorites do not play.

Don’t bet on exact scores

Accurate score bets are very popular, but they are one of the least advantageous forms of betting. They usually look something like this:

Manchester City will win 3-0 and Aguero will score at 9.00

We recommend avoiding these types of bets. The situs judi terpercaya bookmakers often offer these bets to teams that have recently won more matches, and bookmakers biasedly think they will continue to do so. The result is customers who bet on an unfavorable bet. The odds for these bets are usually too low compared to the probability of a certain result. Therefore, do not be easily seduced by these bets.

It is better to focus on Asian Handicap betting, classic match winner betting, and spread betting. Competition between bookmakers works more effectively with these bets and is therefore more advantageous for customers.

Very common mistakes that make you lose money

We’ve described the least advantageous types of bets on the market, and now we can jump into the most common mistakes people make when betting on sports. We will take a closer look at the distorted perception of probabilities, money management, cash-out functions and various special offers.

Beware of confirmatory bias

Confirmatory bias is a psychological term that means that people always put more emphasis on clues that confirm their theories and neglect those that suggest the opposite. Confirmatory bias is one of the most common mistakes bettors make.


Players should try to be as objective as possible when betting. But most of them already have some estimate of the outcome of the match, so they are just looking for reasons that support their decision. Instead of betting on the last two or three results the team had, it’s better to look at least the last 10 results. You may not like what you come up with – but it will definitely help you bet correctly.