The rise of poker games on the Internet

There is no sector that, to a greater or lesser extent, has not been affected by the current situation. In the industry of betting and online games, the area of sports betting, which was the most successful, more users and turnover, has decreased to a great extent. The cancellation of sports competitions has gone in favor of another market, like that of new online casinos such as, which have seen in the last few days a greater number of users and bettors on their platforms. This way, the online game of these characteristics, that has in poker one of the most popular games, has placed itself in the first position with an upward trend, since in the short term it is not known when the sports competitions will be played again.

Online poker, a resource on the rise

Since 2018, Bitcoin Casinos Canada and online tournaments have not stopped growing, gaining followers and new users thanks to a regulation that made poker more attractive to users.

The different operators made an important economic investment in adapting their solutions to new technologies, creating specific apps to play online poker with their cell phones with maximum comfort. To see which are the best apps to play online poker click on the previous link.

Not just for professional or experienced players

This arrival of new players and a higher turnover by the companies dedicated to online poker was not only motivated by the participation of professional or expert players. Far from it. The facilities offered by these companies, which have bonuses without poker deposits, attracted thousands of private users who were just looking for a new leisure option.

And these fans found it in online poker. In this respect, online poker rooms have registered a very important increase in their traffic, becoming one of the most popular online game modalities at the moment.

Not only poker is gaining followers

Poker has not been the only online game that has experienced an increase in players. The need to find new forms of leisure and entertainment at home, and the ability that these platforms offer players to socialize and communicate with other people, has led to an increase in the number of players in virtually all online casino games.

From the mentioned poker, going through slots or slot machines, blackjack, roulette… All betting games, except the sports one, have enjoyed a spectacular increase these days, which has led operators to improve their services and increase the offer of games available to satisfy a clientele in need of new forms of entertainment.

How to choose a good casino?

The first aspect to highlight is the choice of the online casino to play at and how to find one that meets your expectations in a reliable way. The second aspect to consider is the size of the bet in the unlimited games; a good rule of thumb to follow is to bet in relation to the size of the “pot”. For example, you can risk an amount that is between the total and three quarters of the pot for a strong card hand. You can also consider betting four times the big-blind value before the Flop to eliminate weak players, reducing the amount of them before the Flop. If you have this in mind, you can force the other players to invest in the pot but save yourself from risking so much that it doesn’t hurt you, in case someone has a better hand than you.

At the moment of playing, the first basic strategy that you must master completely is the “check and raise”. This action, as its name suggests, consists of refraining from betting when it is your turn and raising when it is the turn of another player after you. This move is quite common in online betting sites since it allows you to raise the amount of money that goes into the pot when you have a winning hand or make your opponent fold when your cards are not really optimal.  Checking and raising will also allow you to balance your checks, since by raising the bet a few times when you check, your opponent will not know for sure if you have a weak hand when you check.

When is it effective to use the check and raise?

This move works best when you think you have the best hand in the game and you need to raise as many chips as possible in the pot; in this case it is good to keep the following in mind: you must be the first to act, your opponent must have proven to be aggressive enough to bet with a variety of hands and finally not to exaggerate your move. This last point is the most important one you remember, since a very extravagant demonstration could make the other players withdraw before increasing the chips in the pot and not take full advantage of excellent cards. Now if your hand is bad, you can also use the pass and raise to try to win the pot with a bluff instead of giving up your hand, using the knowledge that your opponent thinks he has won over you in previous rounds.

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