Smart Casino Betting for the NFL Bets


Bettors should note that in the NFL, the importance of home advantage is significantly greater than in other American leagues. Statistically, matches end in a home win with a probability of about 57-60%, while in baseball betting , for example, that figure is only 53%.NFL: The Seattle Seahawks are known for their strong home lead

The biggest home advantage has statistically been for West Coast teams like the Seattle Seahawks! This is justified, among other things, by the fact that the time difference when traveling from east to west confuses the players’ state of alertness.

Rest week (bye week) and its meaning

  • The NFL Regular Season play for 17 weeks.
  • Thus, in the regular season of 16 matches, each team has one match per week and one bye week, during which the team does not play.

The bettor should pay attention to the rest weeks. During an extra week of rest, the team gets their tactics honed against a future opponent and gets a clear rest advantage for the next match. The higher the quality of coaching a team has, the better the team will often take advantage of the rest week. A good example is the New England Patriots, who often arrive back from the rest of the week from the rest week. Visit here to know more about

Effect of weather on scores

The weather is surprisingly important to NFL scores. A strong wind drops both the throws of the quarter-builders and the success rates of the kickers’ extra points and kick-off goals.

  • It can be said that a wind of about 25mph already has a radical effect on the scores. In the NFL, the weather can have a radical effect on scores.
  • It’s also worth noting that today, many NFL teams play in indoor halls where weather conditions don’t affect the game! In matches played under the roof, the score is always higher than when playing outdoors.
  • Model information on the weather for each match is provided by the NFL Weather service.

Matches of the Week

The NFL also often plays Thursday Night Football (TNF) and Monday Night Football (MNF) rounds. Bettors should also take these into account.

The traditional game day in the NFL is Sunday. So if a team plays on Thursday, it will get three nights more recovery time for the upcoming round, it will be able to practice more and create tactics better for the future opponent. Bookmakers rarely take this considerable rest advantage into account when placing odds.

There will be no similar advantage in Monday’s matches as it is only a matter of one day. However, there is a small drawback from Monday matches always for the next week, as there is one day less rest time.

NFL – Match Schedule

The NFL Regular Season begins on September 11th and ends on January 3rd, 2021. The playoffs start on January 9th and the final battle, the fiery Super Bowl LV, will be played on February 7th in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium.

Regular set

The NFL Regular Season kicks off on September 11th. on the night between Thursday and Friday Finnish time at 03:20. The last round of the NFL regular season will be played on January 3, 2021. The NFL regular season has 32 teams divided into eight divisions of four teams. A total of 16 rounds will be played over 17 weeks. Each team has one rest week during the season.