Useful Tips When Playing Video Poker: a tiny guide for the beginners

Here you will learn everything you need to improve your way of playing video poker in all aspects. W88hn experts have compiled this guide with the best video poker tips for beginners and experienced players alike. Don’t miss our guidelines to improve your bets, understand the payouts and house spread, and apply the best strategy for each variant of the game.

  • Do not be so demanding to wait for the letter to arrive. Learn to play with what you have in hand, not count on luck.
  • Do not trade the right for the doubtful. Only exchange the cards you have in your hands if you cannot see a possible combination for them. In other cases, two good and high cards should not be risked for a certain hope that a better one will appear.
  • Don’t be fooled by the jokers. Some strands of Video Poker have joker cards, but don’t think it’s just a benefit. Usually in these games there is a need to form higher hands to win.
  • Do not complicate trying to make a beautiful move. If you understand the basic rules of poker, stick to them. Don’t try to beautify the play too much.
  • Focus on one hand and try to make the best of it. If you don’t have a lot of experience, it is better to keep 100% attentive to a single hand than to lose concentration trying to play several at the same time.
  • Know the rules well. This rule may seem silly, but the fact is that many players think that playing Video Poker does not require basic knowledge, due to the high advantage of the player; or even place bets without knowing the risks. It is always good to be aware of any possible combination that may change the course of the game.
  • Online video poker is simpler than conventional poker. Although the basic rules are the same, the emotional pressure is much less when you play virtually and there are no other players in the pot.

Conclusion –How to use the strategy tables

Video poker enthusiasts have created a series of strategy tables that explain what moves to make in any circumstance. Look for the hand that has been dealt to you in the left column and the one on the right will show you how many cards to keep and how many to discard in that case. If you have four straight cards, you should keep those four and discard the excess.In a physical casino, the use of these strategy tables is not well regarded, so you have to memorize them before sitting down at the table. But if you play online, you can check them whenever you want.