Getting Familiar with the Best Game Server Hosting Platforms

Nowadays, video gaming has become a social venture. Where people in various places can meet online. Also, they can start playing and form their teams. You can be a part of a wide global community of gamers with shared interests. Also, multiplayer games with role-playing are well-known. This is why people love Starbound, Counter-Strike, Space Engineers, Minecraft, and many more. 


These games are in different content, styles, and genres where various kinds of people play together. To host these games, you must have a specialized game server. It is great to rent a server if you are a gaming enthusiast who wants to play anytime. Without persistent interruptions and lags. If you do it all by yourself, speed deteriorates and game performance. Besides downtimes and sudden crashes. Since there would be a lot of players using the same resources and same server. Yet, these high-end video games need a powerful server so you can have a smoother gameplay.

What is a Game Server?

A game server is also meant as a host. It is a server with a dependable source of events in a multiplayer video game. The server conveys enough data about its internal state. To let its clients keep their accurate version of the game for display to players. 

Thus, you must have a specialized game server platform to stop yourself. From all these troubles, avoid frustrations, and save your gaming time. Below are some of the best combinations of pricing and features. To make your decisions in selecting the best game server hosting platforms. 

Best Game Servers Hosting Platforms: 

  • HostHavoc

HostHavoc is another well-known name in the game server hosting solutions. Their game servers consisted of advanced custom tools and features. Maintained game updates and actively alongside mod. HostHavoc provides a quick setup for your desired game servers. To help you get started immediately. Make full control of your game server with modern settings, effortless configuration. Also, easy management and full FTP access. 

  • OVHcloud

OVHcloud has dedicated servers that offer stability. With the best performance suits for online gaming. OVHcloud provides game servers for many games and software programs. Such as TeamSpeak, Minecraft, Mumble, Rust, Arma, and Team Fortress. They can manage image processing, efficient video, parallel tasks, and multiplayer gaming. 

  • ScalaCube

A popular name in the field of game server hosting. ScalaCube is a perfect choice for you. It rents servers for games Hytale, Minecraft, Rust, ARK. ScalaCube provides unlimited and free traffic with no strangle. The traffic will always keep with the best bandwidth. 

  • Google Cloud

Host your games with seamless gaming experience with Google Cloud. It has servers across the world in 24 regions available in more than 200 countries. Google cloud’s game servers provide tailored auto-scaling based on your gaming needs. It has  a single control panel for rapid server management and smooth easy deployment. 

  • Citadel Servers

You can play your games without thinking about frequent crashes. And lags by selecting Citadel Servers. As your game server hosting partner. Whether in reliability, performance, or server quality. The hosting service encounters all the wanted criteria of gamers. 

Some Benefits of Game Server Hosting: 

  1. Safe and Secure- the security of game companies is essential. They will stop your servers from being infiltrated and attacked by malicious users. 
  2. Complete Control- you get to make the big decisions when you have your dedicated game server. When running a dedicated game server you are in full control.
  3. Reliable and Tested Systems- you will experience less latency. While enjoying your favorite games. This is to ensure your server doesn’t ruin your gaming experience and crash. 
  4. 24/4 Playtime- one of the best benefits is that dedicated server hosting is available 24/7 uptime. 
  5. Integrated Support- many dedicated game hosting services provide integrated support. This is to make sure it runs smoothly without hassle. 

This is the best way to improve the online gaming experience for your and your friends you play with. 

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