Awesome Games to give try while hanging out with your friends

Thinking of planning a get-together with friends or family? Well, you can also consider taking your board games alongside. Now that outdoor activities are limited, you can spend quality time handing out with friends over one or two rounds of the following games:


Carom happens to be a tabletop game that originated in India. The game happened to be really popular in South Asia and regarded for different names in different languages. Many clubs, cafés and other places hold regular tournaments. This game turns out to be commonly played by families that also include children. The game gets played at the social functions.

Carom is never a patented game. In fact, it’s in the public domain. And different rules and standards exist in different areas. It has become really popular in the UK as well as Commonwealth during the 20th century (early).

The game originated in India, and a single carom board having a surface made of glass can be found even in Patiala palaces even today. It has become incredibly popular amongst the masses post World War I.

According to reports, state-level competitions got held in different states during the early twentieth century. Serious tournaments began in Sri Lanka, but by the end of 1958, both Sri Lanka and India had formed their official federations of clubs.


The pool is another game that can be enjoyed with your friends while hanging out. It turns out to be a classification of the cue sports that get played on the table with six pockets alongside rails, into which the balls get deposited. Every specific pool game comprises its own name; some are better known as blackball, eight-ball, ten-ball, nine-ball, seven-ball, one-pocket, bank pool, and straight pool.

There are hybrid games that combine aspects of both carom and pool billiards. With the exception of one pocket, the games typically get known as the pool in today’s world. It was a popular billiards game until dethroned by carom in the mid-19th century. It happens to be the second influential game. 


Poker happens to be a number of card games whereby players wager over the hand that’s the best according to the game’s rules. Most often, it uses the standard deck, and the games vary considering the deck configuration, the number of cards, the dealt face up or the face down, as well as the number shared by players. However, all have the same rules that involve single or more betting rounds.

In a majority of modern poker online games, the first betting round generally begins with one or even more players who make some form of the forced bet. In standard poker, every player bets in accordance with the rank that they believe the hand gets worth when compared to other players.

The action proceeds in a clockwise manner as the player in turn either matches the maximum bet, or folds, thereby losing the bet and further involvement in that hand. The one who matches the bet will raise or increase that bet. The round of betting generally ends when players have folded or called their last bet.

When all but a single player folds on the round, remaining players collect the pot sans being required for revealing the hand. And if more than a single player remains after that final round, a showdown will occur where hands get revealed. So, the player having a winning hand will take that pot.

With the initial forced bets’ exception, money happens to be the only thing placed into a pot voluntarily by the player who believes either the bet has got positive expected value or someone trying to bluff others for specific strategic reasons. So, when the outcome of one hand significantly involves a chance, players’ long-run expectations get determined by actions chosen based on psychology, game theory, and probability.


Ludo is a strategic board game for four or two players, whereby players race the four tokens from the beginning till the end according to rolls of the single die. Like some other cross or circle games, this game gets derived from an Indian game (Pachisi) – The Game of ‘Mahabharata’. However, this one’s a simpler version!

The game, alongside its variations, turns out to be popular in multiple countries under multiple names. Special areas of the board game are typically colored in bright green, yellow, blue, and red. Every player gets assigned a specific color and gets four tokens in the same color. The board is a square with the cross-shaped play-space, having each cross arm with three columns of squares, six per column. The middle usually has five squares colored. At its center, there’s a large finishing square composed of colored triangles at the top of the top the home columns of players.

Now that you have learned about four most popular games, which one do you want to play with friends and have a gala time? Write in the comment section.