First Time at a Casino? What to Expect When Playing

Land-based casinos share a lot in common with online casinos while being very different at the same time. You will find many of the same games such as video slots, blackjack, and roulette, all of which are there to give you the potential of winning!

Playing at an online casino is convenient, enjoyable, and you have a raft of games to play. From table games like baccarat, slot games, agen judi online and a plethora of live casino games that stream live dealers and croupiers via ultra-hd webcams, you have access to an overwhelming selection of diverse entertainment at the click of a button.

While logging on and playing at an online casino is a faceless activity with no pressure, land based casinos are a little more nerve-wracking for those of you that are not used to the real life casino environment. When you enter for the first time, it can be a surreal experience and some people lose their nerve which can make them stand out as a newbie!

Therefore, if you are an online casino player looking to get that amazing land-based casino experience, we suggest starting off by playing live casino games at your online casino. Once you are confident making bets with a real-life dealer or croupier hosting the game, there is only one step left to take – learning how to play casino games in a brick and mortar casino. 

Before Entering

While you can play in your birthday suit when online, many land-based casinos will adopt a dress code. It is important to learn about this before arriving to save on embarrassment. Some may not have one, but it is still worth knowing beforehand. Also, be aware that taking pictures or sometimes even talking on your mobile phone will get you into trouble.

Bring a watch or something else to remind you of the time. Land-based casinos have no clocks on their premises. This is no accident either. They want their customers to lose track of time and gamble more. 

Once Inside

It’s daunting for some people to walk into a casino for the first time. You can expect a lot of noise and plenty of people having a great time around the gaming tables and machines. Look around before deciding which games you are going to play. We suggest asking staff if you are unsure about rules or odds which you should not be afraid to do because that is why they are there.

Convert Money Into Chips

Before you can play, you need casino chips because you cannot bet using actual cash. Chips are the only currency you can use to place bets. Although made of plastic, think of those chips as the money you just handed over.

Our advice would be to convert your entire budget for your session and no more. If you run out of chips, leave. Do not use more cash or cards to get additional chips so you can chase losses. 

To get your chips, there will be a counter where you buy and sell your casino chips which is a free service.

Games of Choice

If you have played at online casinos before, you will probably already have your favourite types of games. 

Just choose one you like rather than something you have never played before. Also, playing table games in person is different to online. Place your chips yourself while there is an actual dealer/croupier running the action. It takes a little while, but you get into the swing of things, eventually.


Once you can get past the physical aspect of playing at a land-based casino and just concentrate on the games, you will find they are not all that different to online casinos. If we had to sum up what to do at a land-based casino, it would be to watch what you wear, how you act, and how much you spend. 

James Morris
the authorJames Morris